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24 Hour Home Care

We provide 24-Hour Home Care Services

We are leader in providing 24-hour home care services to seniors, veterans, and those with special needs. Our team of qualified caregivers is here to provide quality, compassionate care for your loved one. We understand that each individual’s needs are unique, and we strive to customize our services to meet their specific requirements. With around-the-clock service, you can be sure that your loved one will always have the highest level of care available.

Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care Services

For seniors or those with disabilities who need additional help at home, 24-hour home care services can be beneficial in many ways:

Types Of 24 Hour Home Care Services From Senior Care Services Of America

At Senior Care Services of America, we offer several different types of 24-hour home care services depending on your individual needs:

Live In Home Care:

With Live In Home Care, you can have a caregiver stay in your house full-time for days or weeks, providing constant companionship and personal assistance whenever needed. You will have peace of mind knowing that someone is physically present should an emergency situation arise during the night or day.

Part-Time Assistance:

If you don’t require an around-the-clock presence but would like some extra help during certain hours throughout the day or week, then Part-Time Assistance may be right for you. A qualified caregiver will come directly to your residence as scheduled, offering support with daily tasks such as bathing, meal preparation, light exercise, and errand running, just to name a few examples. 

Respite Care:

Respite Care offers families temporary relief from primary responsibilities while ensuring that their loved ones receive proper attention and care in a safe environment such as an assisted living facility or nursing home if necessary due to specific medical concerns or even just for vacation purposes so the usual caregiver can take some time off without worry knowing their loved one is safe and well cared for elsewhere until they return. 

Specialty Programs:

At Senior Care Services of America, we also offer specialty programs such as Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support as well as Veterans Programs designed specifically for former military personnel and/or their spouses needing specialized attention from trained professionals who understand their particular challenges. 

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