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Post Operative Care

Post-Operative Care Services by Senior Care Services of America

We strive to provide the highest quality post-operative care services available. Our team of caring and experienced professionals understands that making a full recovery from surgery is of the utmost importance and provides compassionate, comprehensive care designed to help you or your loved one get back on track quickly and safely.

With 24-hour nursing care, physical therapy, monitoring for any potential complications, and a range of other services tailored specifically to your needs, Senior Care Services of America is ready to help ensure you have the best possible outcome after surgery.

What Can I Expect From Post-Operative Care?

Regarding post-operative care from Senior Care Services of America, there are a few key elements that make our service stand out from the rest. First and foremost, we take pride in our highly trained staff, who specialize in providing individualized attention and support throughout this difficult time.

We also make sure that all clients receive personalized treatment plans that focus on their unique needs and goals. Finally, our compassionate team is committed to ensuring all patients have access to the best resources available — whether physical therapy or other forms of rehab—to facilitate their recovery process.

Comprehensive Nursing Care

At Senior Care Services of America, our nurses provide 24-hour skilled nursing care for all post-operative patients — both in our facilities and as part of home health initiatives — making sure they have constant supervision while they heal.

This includes monitoring vital signs such as temperature and blood pressure; administering medication; assisting with activities like bathing; providing nutritional guidance; communicating with physicians on behalf of the patient; and providing emotional support during the transition back home after hospitalization has been completed.

Rehabilitation & Therapy Options

Our post operative services also include an array of rehabilitation options designed to ensure each patient’s road to recovery is as swift as possible. In addition to traditional physical therapy services such as stretching exercises, balance training, strength training, gait instruction, etc., we also offer speech language therapy as well as occupational therapy so that each patient can regain their cognitive abilities in addition to their physical ones. Our goal is always to maximize functional independence while minimizing pain and discomfort wherever possible!

Monitoring For Potential Complications

Finally, when it comes to post operative care at Senior Care Services of America we make sure that all clients are closely monitored for any potential complications throughout their recovery periods. We understand just how important it is for patients who have undergone surgery or trauma to avoid any additional issues while they recover — which is why we work hard to ensure every single one of our clients receives attentive medical oversight at all times during this fragile stage in their lives.

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